Framework for Android and Java apps


The jdroid Framework provides a programming and architectural model for modern Java-based enterprise and android applications. Lots of android widgets, http layer and SDK integrations are the key features of jdroid.

jdroid Java

Dependencies for both Android & Java apps. HTTP Layer with cache support, parsers and lots of utilities.

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jdroid Java Web

Dependencies for Java-based enterprise apps. Spring integration. Google Cloud Messaging sender.

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jdroid Android

Dependencies for Android apps. Google Play Services, Facebook and Crashlytics integration. Lots of UI widgets and more.

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jdroid Gradle Plugin

Gradle Plugin for Java & Android projects.

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jdroid Scripts

A set of useful shell scripts to integrate with GitHub and Apache Tomcat.

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Built with jdroid

Media Fever


Movies & Series

Discover amazing movies and series from your android. Track the movies and series you're watching. Get suggestions based on what you watch and like.



Buenos Aires Subway

With Subtefy you can get the status of the Buenos Aires subway and the Urquiza train in real time. Configure alerts easily and get notice if the subway line you use works properly.

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